Depression can leave you feeling empty, alone and without purpose — as if you were a piece of driftwood. On bad days, you float aimlessly across the water with no land in sight. Waves crash on top of you, the force of the water pushes you below the surface and holds you there making it difficult, if not impossible to catch your breath. On good days, the winds can gently direct you towards the shore, where you may be pushed up high on the beach where the waves can’t grab you and drag you back in. If you land on the right beach, someone may pick you up and offer you the tools you need to apply meaningful change. It isn’t easy, and it takes effort, but like this driftwood pen, with all its knots and imperfections, you can re-discover the value and beauty that you present to the world.

This was the concept behind this project. Driftwood was collected and transformed into pens, sold and the money raised was donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association.