Canadian Mental Health Association – client

1. Discuss your experience working with me.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you Trevor, you called myself and CMHA BC division with a very exciting third party campaign idea to support our work in mental health and addictions through the creation of beautiful driftwood pens. I was honoured and moved by your inspiration and passion for supporting mental health. It would especially exciting to discuss your work and how through the selling of the pens, you would be able to make a huge impact in the life of a youth living with a mental illness receive a bursary to attend post-secondary education. Your passion and experience was able to help guide our discussion on where the monies should be directed. Your commitment to education and breaking the debilitating stigma surrounding mental health is empowering. You have been timely, driven and highly efficiant in turning this campaign around. I can hardly believe that you were able to create a website, the theme of the pen in a bottle with a  note of encouragement and not to mention actually make the pens in this short amount of time. It has been a pleasure working with you. 

2. What did you like most about this project?

I loved that you are personally invested in changing the way we talk about mental health and supporting a young person to receive education through our bursaries. I love the pens, the concept in itself and the story of the drift wood is incredibly moving. So moving in fact that it inspired CMHA BC to give  a pen to each of the staff that have been part of the organization for 10 years and more. I know that the scope of your project was to create 10 pens, so I do appreciate you making an additional 12 pens for CMHA staff. Our leadership team was inspired and excited to invest in such a worthy gift.

3. Would do a project with me again? If so, why?

Oh absolutely, it was a pleasure working with you. You are highly motivated, an great communicator letting me know the progress as everything went along, and inspiring. The gift you have to offer is something I hope we can look at doing year after year if at all possible.